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Thanks for stopping by my travelogue. Think of this pitstop as a digital all-night diner for the road-lifers, the wayfarers, the outliers, the marginalized, the othered, the orphaned, the radically authentic, the awe-seekers …

Why Substack? Why Now?

I’ve been living on the road (and/or off the grid) since June 2022. This platform seems to offer an opportunity to circle everyone together and provide community, connection, and creative kinship. You know, all of us—the artists, the creatives, the poets, the wanderers, the homesteaders, the vagabonds, the spiritual mutts, the queers, the disowned, the awe-seekers . . . the healing generation.

Taking Space & Time.

I’ve decided to take a beat and integrate the events of recent years. This means pushing out full-length projects for a few years and exploring these short-form spaces.

What I hope to create here on Substack is a digital space to explore the evolution of my voice as a poet, my eye as a photographer, and my journey as an ever-flawed individual reaching for the wild awe to balance successive childhood trauma.

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Paid Subscriptions.

Money from those folks who opt for paid subscriptions goes toward the monthly expenses I incur. (i.e.: Gas, building supplies for the off-grid farm; health care and food; clothing; food; and other basic items).

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Connor Wolfe

Connor Wolfe (they/them), TEDx Speaker and founder of Wayfarer Magazine, author of Drive Through the Night, and numerous other works under the pen name, L.M. Browning.